All Piano Pictures titles are sold with an individual license, which is for your personal use. You may print out a copy and store a backup file of the PDF, but please do not share the file with anybody else. For teachers, see Information for teachers, below.



The creation and distribution of non-commercial recordings of pieces from Piano Pictures and Finding Your Way is strongly encouraged! For video recordings, please make sure that the notation is not made clearly visible. If possible, please include a link to the sheet music product page, or the Piano Pictures website ( ), in your recording description.

If you do make a recording, send me the link (see contact form below) and I may feature it on this site!


Information for teachers

Unlike some digital sheet music sellers, I do not offer a ‘studio license’ on my Piano Pictures titles. I trust teachers to respect my copyright and use the material in a responsible way. If you would like to print multiple copies of Piano Pictures titles for your students, please consider sending an appropriate donation to support the Piano Pictures project (Buy me a coffee).

You can also help me by recording yourself or your students performing any of the pieces for YouTube or other streaming services. If you have a blog or YouTube channel with a good number of followers, you may be interested to promote Piano Pictures titles as an affiliate. You can earn good rates of commission on all sales. For more information, contact me via the form below. Please include details of the platform(s) which you intend to use for your promotions.

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